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Father of Lies

ISBN-978 0 9931600 8 0

ISBN-978 0 9931982 3 6 e-book format


Something unspeakable has lain beneath an ancient Norfolk church for centuries. Its discovery now forces an unconventional female priest to take on an ancient religious order and brave Hell itself  – or are they one and the same adversary?

          What begins as a supernatural story evolves into a mystery that has stretched over centuries, and a hidden prophesy that completely re-shapes the Church of Rome.


"A brilliant philosophical and theological adventure that takes the reader from an ancient horror below a country church to a challenge of global proportions. A compelling, thought-provoking narrative, superbly written, tense and challenging."



"The characters are three-dimensional, the descriptions are evocative. With elements of M.R. James, Lovecraft and others – including Dan Brown – Serena Cairns has come up with something that is actually quite original in its own right."

BRUCE G. HALLENBECK - author/filmmaker


"I am a great fan of her writing."  SHANE BRIANT - actor/author 






Between Stops


​Between Stops is an anthology of very short stories, based on an idea I came up with whilst commuting. It's a collection for life's travellers. Unscheduled departures in fiction by five authors with eclectic and disparate styles, these thirty-seven tales take you on another kind of journey, flicking from light to dark and back again. You will not find these stops on any timetable; this is the world that exists Between Stops. Forward by Dave Morris.


Wyrd Stories

ISBN-978 0 9566685 4 7


Wyrd Stories is an anthology containing one of my short stories, an early version of 'Wolf', previously published on the publisher's web site.