I find the writing process akin to magic and attempt the art of literary alchemy, turning mere words into evocative stories. I won a short story writing course with The London School of Journalism, and went on to have stories, articles and poetry published in a number of magazines, ranging from Australian Cosmopolitan to The Criminologist. A winner of the 14o character short story for Wildsound Festival, 2015. My novel, FATHER OF LIES reached No.4 in The People's Book Awards, albeit briefly, in September 2015.  

I now live in Devonshire, England.

"Outstanding character analysis and character development that reveals so much about the way personality develops in the real world as well as in excellent fiction."  



"Serena Cairns has done an excellent job on her first novel. I felt like I was in the inner chambers of the Vatican. Father of Lies holds the reader's interest mainly through characterization, plot and atmosphere. This is a very clever story. Benvenuti is a terrific character who revels in his evil. I'd like to read the sequel."

BRUCE G. HALLENBECK author / filmmaker


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